Thursday, 1 September 2011

Facebook snatches NIT Warangal student for Rs 45L salary

Below is the Article published in Time of India on 30th Aug 2011:
It's raining lucrative jobs at NIT Warangal which has had the best placement season so far. The 51-year-old institute started its recruitment drive on August 15 and already has a 21-year-old fourth year BTech computer science student securing the highest ever pay package of Rs 45 lakh per annum. The offer, made by Facebook, has created a record of sorts here. The institute confirmed that the student will be joining the technical wing of the social networking giant, as soon as he completes his course in March next year.

This has set a new benchmark at NIT Warangal in that the highest salary any student from the institute had bagged so far was Rs 20 lakh per annum. From the 2010-11 batch as many as three students had got jobs that paid them Rs 20 lakh per annum, sources at NIT said. It is not just the 21-year-old whizkid who has bagged a hefty package this year. According to sources, the salaries offered to students so far range anywhere between Rs 5 to Rs 12 lakh per annum. The recruitment process for this year that started on August 15 is expected to last till March 2012. Sources said that most of the recruiters so far are IT companies.

About 30 students from computer science stream of the institute have already been recruited. Eight companies have come in for recruitment in the first round so far. According to NIT officials, this year other than the usual brand of companies several new ones have expressed interest in hiring. "Companies have now shed the recession blues completely and are looking for fresh candidates to recruit. Many of them like Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle and Google could recruit more number of freshers than they did last year," said a senior professor from the institute. Last year, 92% students from the B Tech batch of the institute and 50 % students from M Tech batch were recruited by companies. The average pay package offered by companies last year was between Rs 6 and Rs 7 lakh per annum. The institute officials are expecting a considerable increase in the pay packages this year. NIT professors said that this year, several companies have been vying for the first interview slots with students.

"Most of the IT companies are willing to pay really well to bright students who get absorbed in the first or second interview. The companies who come for interviews later could offer bigger packages to students. We'll have to wait and watch what the salary trend this year is," said an official from NIT.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Batchmates @ NITW 1995

Slowly i was getting to know the new batch mates. There were 26 seat from UP, so there were 26 guys and i was getting to know them bit by bit while the ragging went on for almost a month. I will try to list down the names of my batch mates and see if my fundae are still tight as seniors used to call during the ragging:
1) Anupam Srivastava
2) Shantanu Porwal
3) Jaideep Banerjee
4) Phani Bhushan Dhar
5) Ashwini Dahiya
6) Shiwanshu Singh
7) Madhur Srivastava
8) Gaurav Gupta
9) Sharad Trivedi
10) Jyoti Prakash Biswas
11) Shyamal Adhikari
12) Satyendra Singh
13) Bhatnagar
14) Bijay Singh
15) Apoorva Kunwar
16) Arun Singh
17) Ram Ashray
18) Rahul Gupta
19) PPT

So my fundae doesnt look to be tight any more..i am unable to recall all my batchmates in 2 mins ..never mind i will recall the rest of the names and present the full list of 26 batchmates in my next post.

Monday, 15 August 2011

My first year hostel room @ NITW

My first year hostel room was allocated in 4th Block. The room number was 4-1-8, '4' meant 4th block, '1' meant ground floor and '8' meant 8th room in the block on ground floor. My room mates were Jyoti Prakash Biswas and Sharad Trivedi both of them joined the college from Allahabad. Jyoti joined ECE and Sharad joined Computer Science, i was in EEE. That is how my hostel life started @ NITW.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Ragging - very organized & hi tech

After the initial joining formalities got over and the parents returned to their hometown after leaving their wards in the hostel, began the ragging which was a very organized and hi tech event it was 16 years before as i write it today. The seniors used to have meetings where complete planning for the ragging events took place and the work was distributed between the seniors to keep the freshers constantly engaged in the ragging activities so that they do not even get time to think of anything, forget about complaining to the college authorities. The seniors as they called it - the ragging was commando training.
I still haven't forgotten the unity funda that was so much heavily emphasized, all 26 students of the batch  were brothers and sisters and should live with utmost unity, we should at any point of time be aware who amongst us was where and doing what. There were so many norms of the ragging and one so called mistake by one fresher costed heavily and all the batchmates had to suffer the punishment for that mistake in the name of unity funda. The ragging was heavy mental and physical ragging and the most tiring part was that we were not allowed to sleep, we were given daily assignments to complete in the night and can anyone believe all 26 of us were supposed to sleep in one room which had 3 beds and we did it for a month, so our state of mind can be gauged, atleast my mind had stopped working and there was no way i could have complained about ragging to professors or anti-ragging squads. The seniors were very organized and some one from the seniors was always there to keep the freshers engaged and they always kept an eye on us.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

NIT Warangal Admissions cntd...

In my last post i talked all good about the traditions of the way the state seniors treated the freshers and their parents and helped with the admissions, this examplary behaviour of the seniors continued till each of us got the admissions to our respective B.Tech Streams and all the formalities for each of the fresher admissions were completed. Not only did they help with the admissions they also guided with the hostel allocations & mess allocations and guided us to the co-operative store of the college where we can get everything required in day to day life at REC right from bathing soaps to ED sheets. This display of good behaviour did not end here and it continued in helping the parents in returning back and sending of them at the railway station and then like camelion suddenly the seniors changed colors, once the parents had left us fresher in the hostel and left back to the respective places in UP by different trains.

Friday, 12 August 2011

NIT Warangal - The Day of Admissions to B.Tech. - Once again the seniors were the best lot

The same courteous and helpful attitude of the seniors continued through out the admissions, no fresher or parent of fresher had to run from pillar to post to finish the admissions formalities, the seniors were once again organized and spread around to take care of each and every fresher and parent by guiding them with the admissions procedure, by taking them to the administrative block and helping them with all the formalities with respect to the admissions. I have never heard such good and co-operative seniors in any of the RECs then. I am proud of the way the seniors organized themselves to take care of the new comers and facilitating them with each and every task. This tradition was later carried on by all of us till we were in the college.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Ragging - nothing can match the planning and execution - the way it was organized by seniors

As the freshers started coming in Warangal city for the admissions, there was something remarkable which i saw for the first time in my life. All entry points in city specially warangal and kazipet railway stations and each train coming from U.P. was covered by the seniors, this was done by the meticulous planning and distribution of work, which ensured that there were always a few seniors to receive any fresher entering into warangal to join REC Warangal. They used to be very co-operative and pleasant to the parents and helped with each and every aspect right from helping in arranging the accommodation, to any requirements like medicine or food. Only when they got any time when the parents were not around, then the actual picture of them came in front of the freshers which stirred awe in the freshers, new comers were terrorized that they would be ragged like anything no sooner than the parents left them in the college hostel and went back.